From the idea and the first packaging mockups to the complete POS set-up

This is where future success becomes apparent. How will your product showcase
itself at the POS? Through professional displays that realistically represent
the situation on site, we will give you a view of the later sales situation.

… for your test market

You will receive the complete set-up from us: a small series including the base, trays and shelves,
right up to the top sign. At trade fairs, for market research, or directly while presenting
to customers, you will get sales resonance and feedback.

… or for the point of sale

… or for the point of sale

Impress your customers on site with large-scale images. Whether fabric, banner, or
backlit materials, backlit and framed – again, the possibilities are almost limitless. We support you from the
idea through to production and printing to assembly in your shop or market.

Show the world how unique your product is – with us!